Author Claire P. Gordon

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The Color of Music

By Author Claire P. Gordon

Author Claire P. GordonClaire Gordon, author of My Unforgettable Jazz Friends, Boy Meets Horn and Marshal Royal: Jazz Survivor presents The Color Of Music.

The Color Of Music is the story of identical boy twins separated shortly after birth, their father a famous African-American jazz musician and their mother, a blond European jazz fan. The mother of the biracial twins is unable to raise her babies and they become separated at an early age. One is raised as black and the other as white. The story will keep you turning pages

Twin boys of mixed race parentage separated at birth and raised in wildly divergent cultures lifts the nature vs. nurture debate to a new level. Watching both boys grow up and evolve separately is fascinating as their musical heritage works its way to the surface.
Mary Giambalvo

Claire Gordon's novel grabs you from the start and keeps you enthralled by the identical twin sons of a famous black musician killed in Paris before the twins were born to his blonde Swedish mistress. One twin was kidnapped to Montreal and raised white, the other, though equally light-skinned, was raised black. Both inherit their father's talent. Read this fast-paced novel to discover how these twins finally meet.
Evelyn Cole

I read your book and loved every minute of it...couldn't put it down!
Ruth Huffman

And you'll love it, too!
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Who in the world is more familiar with the issues of racial equality and jazz music than Claire Gordon? Although she enjoyed her early work experience in record shops, where music played all day, in the evenings she sought live music. An early favorite group who played in a little local nightclub was the King Cole Trio. This was where Claire became acquainted with Nat King Cole.

Sometime later, through a fluke and stroke of luck, Claire became Duke Ellington's secretary. While working for him she met a hand- some young songwriter, Irving Gordon. They dated and were soon married. Among Irving's songs were 'Mister and Mississippi,' 'Be Anything but Be Mine,' 'Me Myself and I,' the lyrics to 'Prelude to a Kiss,' and the song for which he wrote words and music, 'Unforgettable.' It was Claire's friendship with Nat King Cole which led to his recording that song, written for Claire Gordon by her husband.

Soon Claire had the good fortune to combine her love of writing with the love of jazz. Claire wrote 'Boy Meets Horn, the Autobiography of Rex Stewart,' in 1991, and 'Marshal Royal, Jazz Survivor' in 1995. Then she penned her jazz memoirs 'My Unforgettable Jazz Friends,' published in 2004 in which she told the stories about meeting Nat King Cole, working for Duke Ellington, the many years that Maxine Sullivan was a close friend, and other friends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Carter, Billy Strayhorn and many more.

“The Color of Music” is Claire's first novel. And, you guessed it, jazz is a major part of the book as both twins become musicians.

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